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06 May 2023

How to harness the power of AI in your innovation process

”The development in AI that we see now has the possibility of strengthening every profession, and that includes innovation practitioners." - Katarina Stetler, Kairos Future
28 Feb 2023

Key take-aways from Innovation Pioneers Summit 2023

Key take-aways from the innovation class hosts: RISE, IKEA, Ideon Open, Tetra Pak, CGI and the author of Principles of Intrapreneurial Capital.
05 Dec 2022

Building an innovation network of trust

"What makes Innovation Pioneers unique is its members and the sense of trust - working together to solve hands-on innovation challenges." - Dariush Ghatan
07 Apr 2022

How do you future proof when planning long term?

Tank Meeting #58 will be focused on how to make long-term decisions in an unpredictable future.
13 Mar 2022

New CEO for Innovation Pioneers

Longtime member Matias Pakarinen will succeed Susanne Fuglsang on April 1st. 
08 Nov 2021

Learnings from Tankmeeting nr 57 hosted by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Full documentation can be found and downloaded by members on the MEMBERS section here on the website. For password contact Susanne Fuglsang.
07 Oct 2021

Learnings and documentation from Initiator Roundtable hosted by Vasakronan

At our Roundtable hosted by Vasakronan and co-facilitated by Flowpass and Virtway at Arena Sergel we where future-gazing into the “Metaverse of work” with our Initiators on the 22nd of Sept.
06 Oct 2021

Learnings from Tankmeeting nr 56 hosted by Teledyne FLIR

Read about the learnings from Tankmeeting nr 56 hosted by Teledyne FLIR

Selection of our Initiators & Members