About us

Innovation Pioneers is a social network and learning platform founded by innovation leaders and practitioners from a wide cross industrial background of companies, organizations, government agencies, ​academia, research and startups. Innovation Pioneers members work with innovation on both a strategic and operational level. They are leaders and visionaries, practitioners and strategists. Together we aggregate, produce and develop methods, processes, tools and experiences.

Initiated in 2008, the network’s primary annual sharing of knowledge events include Innovation Pioneers Summit, the two-day action-oriented Innovation event and four single-topic Tank Meetings.

The Social Network is lead by 17 Initiating companies that are elected to manage and drive the network. Selected individuals from these companies participate in the continuous development of the network, it’s actions and projects. For the second time in 2019 both a new Chairman and a Vice Chairwoman has been elected. Matias Pakarinen from frog is the new Chairman and Hanna Wennerström from IKEA is the new Vice Chairwoman. Our active participants include active corporations and other organizations. These are in addition to collaborative partners that include Swedish Incubators & Science Parks and Innovationsledarna.

A few examples of what we have covered are:  Circular Economy and Sustainable Lifestyle, The Future of Mobility, AI in Manufacturing, Inclusive Prototyping, Blockchain, Disruptive Scenario Planning, How connectivity can smartify, The Digital Roadmap, How you can manage complexity, Ideation and idea management, How to sprint from product to service, Exponential thinking and methods for big and small to cooperate and much more.

OUR VISION is to build innovation capabilities through joint development and networking between top representatives from the innovation community.

OUR MISSION is to aggregate, produce and develop methodologies, processes, tools and experiences to enable increased innovation capabilities within the represented organizations as well as for society.

OUR GOAL is to share knowledge, tools and insights around innovation, and thereby contribute to greater effectiveness, better performance and further growth in our members organizations.

Through an expanded network of contacts and joint projects, we share information and insights building value for the individuals, our member organizations and society in the long run.

If you want to join us contact CEO Susanne Fuglsang.