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Innovation Pioneers

We are Sweden's largest collective learning network bringing together innovation leaders from companies, organizations, government agencies, academia and research with a shared goal to inspire action and learn collectively to build innovation capabilities through joint development.
Together we enable innovation and a better society through co-sharing insights, methods, processes, tools on our facilitated and curated intentional gatherings.

We are 40+ initiators and members representing a selected part of the Swedish Innovation ecosystem.

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Learning platform & social network for innovation leaders and learners

The Learning Platform

Founded in 2008, Innovation Pioneers is a pathfinder in charting innovation thinking and practices. It is a learning platform and social network for innovation leaders and learners to develop and share methods, processes, tools and insights.

Our Services

We are constantly improving and developing our services. After running 52 Tankmeetings and 11 yearly summits we have a well documented experience in producing innovative meeting formats.

Learning formats

Innovation Pioneers and the initiating companies and members annually presents Innovation Pioneers Summit for +200 leaders and learners focused on action-oriented direct learnings and four annual single-topic Tank meetings hosted by our members.

Our Members

We have two types of main membership formats, Initiators and Members. Together we are more than 50 members from companies, organizations, academia, research and startups with a shared goal to build innovation capabilities through joint development.

Selection of our Initiators & Members