IPx nr 52 (Digital Tankmeeting) hosted by CGI – Human Connections – Members&Initators Only 9th of Dec

This session is only available for Initiators & Members of Innovation Pioneers 

Date: December 9th, 2020
Time: 09.30.00 AM – 12.00 PM, Timezone GMT+2

We will send you a link to attend the meeting after you have registered.

Host: CGI – Martin Högenberg

Human connections makes things grow. Do you have it ?

Are you curious about your clients? Do you meet, listen and talk to them and sometimes challenge them with new hypotheses? Do you talk to other employees about your clients? Is there empathy for people in your eco system? Good! Then you have a better chance of creating innovation value for companies.

In our newly conducted in-depth interviews with top performing clients around the world on how they create value for their businesses, we found that a common denominator was their skills in establishing “human connections”. In this workshop, we want to co-create an innovation experience together with our participants, inspired by the way our most successful customers create value for their companies.

In our 2.5 hour session, we will start with confessions and stories from people experienced in how human connections influence the innovation performance. Using design principles for human connections, we then explore the areas where human connections occur with clients, partners, co-designers, and how technology and agility makes us accelerate change.

Finally, we share and analyze our own “human connection” actions that we in this network experience in our everyday life. The aim is to build our own experience of how human insights influence the opportunity to innovate with excellence, so that we can continue our work, more experienced, every day!


09.30 Introduction and check-in

09.50 Human connections and Design Principles makes things grow. CGI research outlook.

10.10 Cases with stories and learnings from how we experience human connections.

10.30 IP Design Principles assessments. Lets look into our own maturity and performance, as a group.

10.45 Short break

10.55 Breakout sessions, “What if…”

–          CO-creation

–          Client insights

–          Employees freed up to participate

–          Culture and management that encourages a curious mind set

–          Agile, simplified and frugal

–          Integrated into an ecosystem with partners

–          Autonomous business units collaborating

11.30 Sharing and reflections from the breakout sessions

11.50 Wrapping up: learnings, reflection and outcomes

12.00 End of the seminar

As always we will document the learnings and make it available on our website  and in our newsletter.

If you have any questions, contact Susanne Fuglsang at susanne.fuglsang@innovationpioneers.net or call +46 70 738 99 97.


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