Innovation Pioneers Report on our 34th Tankmeeting Lean discovery – From product to service.

  28 Jun, 2016 - 08:40-16:15

Lean discovery - From product to service

Presented by Innovation Pioneers hosted by Veryday
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Explore new collaborative creative methods focusing on people, service experiences combined with product offerings.


We are in the middle of a transformation that enables new habits and behaviors. The late 90’s IT-boom outlined how the Internet would revolutionize our lives e.g. with on-line booking and net shopping, as well social media took its first stumbling steps. The real change came to take longer than expected and with the introduction of iPhone in 2007 the real transformation started.

Today relations with consumers are taking place in many different touch points and channels. Physical, from person to person and digital. Products are one important part of building relationships and loyalty with customers. To win in the market place products must be interacting with smart service solutions to become profitable and meaningful in peoples everyday life.


The challenge for many corporations today is to create a coherent experience for people, customers and employees built on products combined with relevant services.

How is it possible to rapidly build digital service solutions in parallel with physical products?

This was done through the experiences of our network and a joint workshop. The participants got insights in what can be done in their own organization.

Aim of workshop was to

  • Understand Lean Discovery as a method approach
  • Learn more about collaborative methods and experience prototyping methods
  • Understand the power of early prototyping and how that enables rapid market entry.

Workshop – In the workshop we worked with how we rapidly can create a product combined with relevant services. Using prototyping as one method. Within 3 hours, we created and sprint prototyped integrated product and service solutions.

Reports from the day

While discussing the outcomes we received a typical question that many organizations ask themselves when assessing whether to do a sprint or not involving customers in an early phase.

“What of the risk of breaching confidentiality when inviting external parties at an early stage?” The answer to this was that it is a typical way of thinking which locks the organization in an inside and out mindset instead of having the customers POV. There are ways of identifying customer needs anonymously during the process. Ask yourselves, what you may gain from having the customers perspective and what are the risks of not doing it.

Innovation Pioneers Report Takeaways TM34 Lean Discovery

Updated article, August 23. Below you find an article written by Neda Nordin where one take away is that collaborative prototyping can be magical in how it engages a team.
Read more: Innovation Pioneers 34 article on Lean Discovery by Neda Nordin

The process and methodology of a sprint: Sprint-methodology-Innovation Pioneers

Verydays presentation and comments found here:
Summary Lean Innovation workshop written by Veryday.

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Some more take aways gathered during the day shown below:

How the results of sprints may look:
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Participant comments:

“Thank you for a totally fantastic workshop day! Immensely inspiring, great insights and important business networking!”

Workshop leaders

Ulrika Ewerman

Ulrika Vejbrink

August Michael

Gabriel Åberg

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