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Tank Meeting nr 44 at SKF – Revolutionizing industrial manufacturing by AI

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Innovation Pioneers Summit 2018

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Tank Meeting nr 43 at OKQ8 – The Future of Mobility

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IP UK Tankmeeting 4th of Sept #2 Measurement and innovation

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IP UK Tankmeeting #1 How can we collaboratively create a culture of innovation?

Tank Meeting nr 42 at Veryday – Inclusive prototyping – Limited spots

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Tank meeting nr 41 at Altran + Innovation Pioneers 10 year Anniversary – The digital roadmap

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Our 39th Tankmeeting #3-2017 – Innovation Beyond 2020 Alfa Laval

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Our 38th Tankmeeting #2-2017 – Disruptive Scenarios. Exploring the Perfect Storm

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Our 37th Tankmeeting #1-2017 – Blockchain a digital disruptor – a revolution in how we buy services.

Established Companies & Startup Match Making at Sveriges Innovationsriksdag 25-26 April

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Innovation Pioneers Report on our 36th Tankmeeting #4-2016 Success factors for Big and Small to Cooperate and Collaborate to create Innovation

2016-12-056/10 08:30-4:15 pm
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Innovation in Action 2016 – Beyond Ideation – on the 8-9/11 2016

2016-11-0808:30-22, 08:30-16:30
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Take Aways and Experiences of MIT and Boston with Innovation Pioneers

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Innovation Pioneers Report on our 35th Tankmeeting #3-2016 Exponential Thinking Workshop

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Innovation Pioneers Report on our 34th Tankmeeting Lean discovery – From product to service.

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Innovation Pioneers Report: on our 33rd Tankmeeting Idea management for the customers benefit. Do´s and Don’ts!

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IP Report: Innovation in Action – Daring&Sharing – 6th year in a row on the 3-4/11 2015

Innovation in Action was held on 3-4/11 and gathered 202 innovation practitioners and leaders for the 6th time in an action oriented, workshop-based, innovation event! Each year we carefully select what topics we will address…
Elite Hotel Marina Tower Stockholm, Nacka, Sverige
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One Wish Award – Futebol da Forca – Business Modell Workshop

One Wish Award 2015 was given to Futebol dá Força. 15 representatives from the network participated in a workshop with the founder of the organization Cecilia Andrén Nyström. Cecilia thanks the participants and says that…
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Innovation Pioneers bjuder in till Näringslivsmiddag 7 april – möt framgångsrika affärskvinnor från utvecklingsländer

Innovation Pioneers arbetar med att öka innovationsförmågan hos individer, organisationer och i samhället som sådant. Vi är stolta att annonsera att vi nu inlett ett samarbete med Chamber Trade Sweden, i syfte att dela erfarenheter med…
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IP Report: Our 32nd Tankmeeting #4-2015 Culture beats strategy

Presented by Innovation Pioneers hosted by Husqvarna. Our 32nd Tank Meeting was a spin off from the popular tank meeting at Volvo Cars  that explored what makes an innovation project successful. During this tank meeting…
Huskvarna, Sverige
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IP Report: Our 31st Tankmeeting #3-2015 Innovation goes hand-in-hand with complexity management

This briefing paper includes key takeaways from the Innovation Pioneers tank meeting #3, 2015 on Complexity Vs. Simplicity, by Googol in Stockholm. The meeting included workshops, facilitated by Googol, with 50 representatives from the IP…
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IP Report: Our 30th Tankmeeting #2-2015 covering the topic Good Innovation Practices – The Key to Success

Hosted by Volvo Cars This briefing paper includes key takeaways from the Innovation Pioneers tank meeting # 2, 2015 on good innovation practices, hosted by Volvo Cars in Gothenburg. The meeting included an optional field…
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Öka er innovationsförmåga – Verktyg, Metoder och Processer

Öka er Innovationsförmåga. En spännande möjlighet öppen för icke medlemmar att över en frukost få insikt i hur Innovation Pioneers arbetar. Vi lyfter hur och vad ni kan göra i er innovationsprocess för att öka…
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IP Report: Our 29th Tankmeeting #1-2015 Smartifying the Industry

 Hosted by SKF This briefing paper includes key takeaways from the Innovation Pioneers tank meeting # 1, 2015 on connectivity, hosted by SKF in Gothenburg. The meeting included presentations and a field trip to the…
Göteborg, Sverige
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Tank Meeting 2013 #3 Ambidextrous Organization

Being ambidextrous means being as skilled with your left hand as your right. Ambidextrous in an organizational context has a slightly different meaning; a company is great at maintaining their core business, yet it is…
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