Upcoming Events

Our 40th Tankmeeting #4-2017 – The Entrepreneurial state – How Government Agencies are Taking the Lead on Innovative Recruitment

Myndigheten för Delaktighet and Arbetsförmedlingen will be hosting this workshop on innovative recru

Stockholm, Sverige2017-12-05 - 2017-12-06
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Our 41st Tankmeeting #1-2018

2018-03-13 - 2018-03-14
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Our 42nd Tankmeeting #2-2018

2018-05-15 - 2018-05-16
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Our 43rd Tankmeeting #3-2018

2018-09-11 - 2018-09-12
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Innovation in Action 2018

2018-10-23 - 2018-10-24
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Our 44th Tankmeeting #4-2018

2018-12-04 - 2018-12-05
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Past Events

Reports from Innovation in Action 2017

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Our 39th Tankmeeting #3-2017 – Innovation Beyond 2020 Alfa Laval

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Our 38th Tankmeeting #2-2017 – Disruptive Scenarios. Exploring the Perfect Storm

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Our 37th Tankmeeting #1-2017 – Blockchain a digital disruptor – a revolution in how we buy services.

Established Companies & Startup Match Making at Sveriges Innovationsriksdag 25-26 April

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Innovation Pioneers Report on our 36th Tankmeeting #4-2016 Success factors for Big and Small to Cooperate and Collaborate to create Innovation

2016-12-056/10 08:30-4:15 pm
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Innovation in Action 2016 – Beyond Ideation – on the 8-9/11 2016

2016-11-0808:30-22, 08:30-16:30
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Take Aways and Experiences of MIT and Boston with Innovation Pioneers

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Innovation Pioneers Report on our 35th Tankmeeting #3-2016 Exponential Thinking Workshop

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Innovation Pioneers Report on our 34th Tankmeeting Lean discovery – From product to service.

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Innovation Pioneers Report: on our 33rd Tankmeeting Idea management for the customers benefit. Do´s and Don’ts!

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IP Report: Innovation in Action – Daring&Sharing – 6th year in a row on the 3-4/11 2015

Innovation in Action was held on 3-4/11 and gathered 202 innovation practitioners and leaders for the 6th time in an action oriented, workshop-based, innovation event! Each year we carefully select what topics we will address…
Elite Hotel Marina Tower Stockholm, Nacka, Sverige
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One Wish Award – Futebol da Forca – Business Modell Workshop

One Wish Award 2015 was given to Futebol dá Força. 15 representatives from the network participated in a workshop with the founder of the organization Cecilia Andrén Nyström. Cecilia thanks the participants and says that…
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Innovation Pioneers bjuder in till Näringslivsmiddag 7 april – möt framgångsrika affärskvinnor från utvecklingsländer

Innovation Pioneers arbetar med att öka innovationsförmågan hos individer, organisationer och i samhället som sådant. Vi är stolta att annonsera att vi nu inlett ett samarbete med Chamber Trade Sweden, i syfte att dela erfarenheter med…
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IP Report: Our 32nd Tankmeeting #4-2015 Culture beats strategy

Presented by Innovation Pioneers hosted by Husqvarna. Our 32nd Tank Meeting was a spin off from the popular tank meeting at Volvo Cars  that explored what makes an innovation project successful. During this tank meeting…
Huskvarna, Sverige
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IP Report: Our 31st Tankmeeting #3-2015 Innovation goes hand-in-hand with complexity management

This briefing paper includes key takeaways from the Innovation Pioneers tank meeting #3, 2015 on Complexity Vs. Simplicity, by Googol in Stockholm. The meeting included workshops, facilitated by Googol, with 50 representatives from the IP…
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IP Report: Our 30th Tankmeeting #2-2015 covering the topic Good Innovation Practices – The Key to Success

Hosted by Volvo Cars This briefing paper includes key takeaways from the Innovation Pioneers tank meeting # 2, 2015 on good innovation practices, hosted by Volvo Cars in Gothenburg. The meeting included an optional field…
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Öka er innovationsförmåga – Verktyg, Metoder och Processer

Öka er Innovationsförmåga. En spännande möjlighet öppen för icke medlemmar att över en frukost få insikt i hur Innovation Pioneers arbetar. Vi lyfter hur och vad ni kan göra i er innovationsprocess för att öka…
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IP Report: Our 29th Tankmeeting #1-2015 Smartifying the Industry

 Hosted by SKF This briefing paper includes key takeaways from the Innovation Pioneers tank meeting # 1, 2015 on connectivity, hosted by SKF in Gothenburg. The meeting included presentations and a field trip to the…
Göteborg, Sverige
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Our 28th Tank Meeting #4-2014 Your Future is Now

We take a look at future trends driving innovation at our final tank meeting of 2014. The next 20 years are sure to create exponential change and opportunity, upending just about everything, everywhere. We go…
1 Hanover Street, London, United Kingdom
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Innovation in Action 2014

  A word from Chairwoman Eva-Carin Banka Johnson, IKEA: “Thank you so much for your valuable contribution to Innovation in Action 2014! I  have never had so many fruitful and interesting discussions with so many…
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Our 27th Tank Meeting #3 2014 Radical Collaboration

We’ll be investigating through an interactive workshop how to capitalize on alliances between big and small companies. The session will explore the power of ” asymmetrical relations” and the differences and expectations between big and…
Drottning Kristinas väg 61, Stockholm, Sverige
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iP Report: Our 26th Tank Meeting #2 2014 Agile, Diverse Teams

Building teams to create winning innovations requires new approaches to leadership, stepped-up organizational commitment and staff with different professional experiences, or team “diversity.” Companies should support approaches that more exclusively incentivize teams, rather than rewarding…
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iP Report: Our 25thTank Meeting #1 2014 Service Innovation

Innovative services require new business models, different ways of thinking about customers and rapid testing of ideas. They are also increasingly essential to staying ahead of competition, maximizing product value and customer connections. Few companies are immune…
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Tank Meeting 2013 #4 Open Innovation

Practitioners of Open Innovation gather a large amount of knowledge when inviting society, organizations, internal departments and others to the innovation process. The power of these ideas and possible innovations are valuable,  but what are the…
Vasagatan 7, Stockholm, Sverige
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Innovation in Action 2013

Innovation Pioneers organized the acclaimed, most action-oriented and inspiring innovation symposium, Innovation in Action for the fourth year running. The symposium had a broad focus: New forms, New ways, New areas and New tools. We shared…
Elite Hotel Marina Tower Stockholm, Nacka, Sweden
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Tank Meeting 2013 #3 Ambidextrous Organization

Being ambidextrous means being as skilled with your left hand as your right. Ambidextrous in an organizational context has a slightly different meaning; a company is great at maintaining their core business, yet it is…
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Tank Meeting 2013 #2 Gamification

  Gamification, the use of game dynamics to engage customers, staff and others in the business context, was the focus of the second Tank Meeting of 2013,  held at CGI in Nacka Strand, May 21-23. To understand more…
Augustendalsvägen 21
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Tank Meeting 2013 #1 Learner-Player

The 13 March meeting was facilitated by Ida Blomberg and Tim Perkins from AstraZeneca, also the meeting host, and focused on building a culture of innovation in support of established products. The day began with…
AstraZeneca AB R&D, Pepparedsleden, Mölndal, Sweden
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Tank Meeting 2012 #4 Business Model Generation

The day at Hjälpmedelsinstitutet started with a welcome by the Director of HI Jan Grönlund and a presentation by Oscar Jonsson followed with another presentation by workshop facilitators Helene Nuder and Tomas Hallberg from SPIUT…
Sturegatan 3, 172 31 Sundbyberg, Sverige
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Innovation in Action 2012

For the third year running, Innovation Pioneers organized the ’Innovation in Action’ symposium in Stockholm. Based on a series of 10 action-oriented workshops, the two-day symposium delivered new innovation methods, tools and takeaways to the…
Summit - Solna Gate, Hemvärnsgatan, Solna, Sverige
2012-10-2308.30 - 17.00
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Tank Meeting 2012 #3 Ideation

Innventia was the host of this year’s Tank Meeting 3, held on the 11-12th of September. The meeting was held at Innventia’s headquarters in Stockholm. The topic for the event was Ideation, focusing around the concept of…
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Tank Meeting 2012 #2 Storify

Innovation Pioneers had their second Tank Meeting of 2012 on 27  June at Ergonomidesign’s office in Bromma. The meeting  featured an interactive collaborative workshop about storytelling, and a practical approach to envisioning a user’s experiences —…
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Tank Meeting 2012 #1 Facilitation

Facilitation is becoming a necessary skill set in the innovator’s tool box. The first Tank Meeting of 2012 focused on increasing facilitation skills, with three  Workshop leader Boel Mörner – Team Coach (, Helene Hedqvist –…
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Innovation in Action 2011

“150 innovation leaders from both start-ups and multinationals – this is how we create the Swedish jobs of tomorrow”, tweeted magnusswede, one of the participants of Innovation in Action 2011. (Read about every Innovation in…
Arlanda Airport, Stockholm, Sweden
2011-10-1908.30 - 17.00
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