Tank meeting nr 65 hosted by Mölnlycke – and a casual night with Pollen

Join us for two creative and fun days i Gothenburg on May 27 – 28 together with Pollen (day 1) and Mölnlycke (day 2). Initiators are also invited to the initiator meeting on day 1. Sign up here


Day 1 (May 27th) – Pollen, Kvarnbergsgatan 2

Initiator meeting 13:00-15:00 (Initiators only)

Pollen, Tankmeeting 15:00-17:00 (All members)

Humor and innovation seem to be similar. Just as a joke is dependent on the context, the recipients and timing, so are ideas dependent on context, the recipients and timing.

Today, with social media present all the time, it seems that there is less space for mistakes and there are more black-and-white interpretations of what we say. We already see this in humor where cancelling of comedians have been a thing in recent years.

We are wondering if this will happen with innovation as well and we want to explore this topic with you.

Topics to explore during this workshop

  1. Are there important similarities between humor and innovation? We have e.g. a hypothesis that it is important for a company culture to deal with humor in a good way to be able to deal with innovation. Is that true?
  2. Receiving jokes. In which situations am I less prone to be offended by jokes? Can I influence this? And can we use these techniques to deal with ideas better as well?
  3. The elephants in the room. Can we use humor to talk about them? To talk about the non-talkable subjects.


We want all of us to work in small groups in open space format, sharing humorous situtations in innovation, both those that worked and those that fell flat. We also want us all to co-create tips, tricks & traps for using humor in innovation.


  1. We encourage you to think of specific situations where you or a colleague have used humor during your innovation work, that fit the questions above
  2. If you have other topics regarding humor in innovation that doesn’t fit ours, you can go to hell! No sorry, that was a joke. If you have other topics, get in contact with us and we can talk about adding it to the list. Maybe you want to host a table during the workshop?

For the moment we are planning entertainment and common dinner! More info will follow.

Suggested Hotel: Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Gothenburg

Day 2 (May 28th), Mölnlycke, GoCo Health Innovation City

Tank meeting starts at 09:00, doors open at 08:30, ready at 15:00.

Address: Entreprenörsstråket 10, 431 53 Mölndal


How to drive innovation that is at odds with existing organizational setup and product lines/offerings


Most mature company are internally organized around business areas, product divisions, product lines. Innovation and governance around innovation including funding are typically structured accordingly. However, if we drive innovation “outside-in” using ethnographical research and looking for disruption, the innovative ideas typically go across these internal structures which creates inertia. Ideas not aligned to existing structure are at risk of being killed, starved or reframed to fit.


How to make these ideas thrive?

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