Our 37th Tankmeeting #1-2017 – Blockchain a digital disruptor – a revolution in how we buy services.

Initiators 14-15/3, Active Members 15/3

Experience the Blockchain acceleration with Innovation Pioneers & CGI Digital day.

This Tank Meeting introduced the CGI Digital Day Methodology, which aims at increasing awareness by experiencing the power of industry disruption.
The digital day methodology helps people get insights in an area where disruption is close in any and every industry.

The aim of the tank meeting was to explore different perspectives of Blockchain through role-play and scenario acceleration. We focused on the Blockchain revolution which is on its way, and we wanted the participants to experience this as we invited some organizations to this journey.  One conclusion all particpiants agreed upon was that blockchain will affect you and your business.

A few examples on implemented blockchain.

Report from Swedish Government agency Lantmäteriet on the possibility of blockchain as a technical solution for real estate transactions may be found here.



Block chains – a revolution in how we buy services.

If you prefer to read a pdf in Swedish on the subject. See the report written by David Bauman, Pontus Lindblom and Claudia Olsson and released by Näringslivspolitiskt Forum here.