Commercializing the Humanium Metal – UN Goal 16

The Metal Humanium – In Innovation Pioneers effort to support the Humanium initiative and to fulfil United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development we are now searching for member organisations and others who are interested in commercializing Humanium.

There are hundreds of millions of illegal firearms in the world. As a result, someone is shot every minute. Armed violence is a global epidemic that hits developing countries especially hard. Humanium is a new material made of recycled metal from gun destruction programs. The metal is melted and moulded into units, which are then made available for commercial production.

All products made with Humanium Metal create new sources of funding for victims and projects aiming to rebuild conflict-torn societies.

Humanium Metal will also generate job opportunities and local income generation, contributing to long-term positive effects on economic realities and prosperity for affected societies.

A Humanium-based product not only delivers vital financial support to affected individuals and countries, it also carries a strong ethical message.

By using Humanium Metal, your brand can help the world become a more peaceful place. Anything made out of any metal today can carry a message of peace tomorrow. Destroyed firearms can be recycled into components for buildings, machines or furniture; items of jewellery, buttons, utensils, tools, nails, screws, or even bicycles.

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