Innovation Pioneers Report on our 36th Tankmeeting #4-2016 Success factors for Big and Small to Cooperate and Collaborate to create Innovation

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The first tank meeting 2017 on the topic Blockchain. The question is not if Blockchain will affect you and your organization. It is, HOW it will affect you. More information here.

20161205-20161205Prel 15:00-22:00

5/12 Initiators Only –  Initiator board meeting.

Initator meeting Agenda


Thule Group: Passion for innovation-driven growth. This was a presentation and dialouge on how Thule changed their Innovation Culture lead by Magnus Welander CEO of Thule Group.

8 take aways from Magnus presentation. Thules Culture Change.

  • Know your history and tell it.
  • Use your strengths more. In Thules case. Scale down to be able to scale up.
  • Be engaged in the world around you and do it passionately.
  • Dare to pause and look at the future.
  • Follow favorable trends and take logical leaps in your visions direction.
  • Capture emotions and build for long term growth.
  • Dare to invest and dream
  • Build on continous joy and motivation

Presentation found here.

Setting the agenda for Innovation in Action 2017.

Initiator Dinner

20161206-20161206Prel 08:30-16:15

6/12 Initiators and active members  – Workshop day – Tank Meeting


Together with AstraZeneca we discussed new methods and ways for large and small organizations to collaborate and cooperate.

Find the report from the tank meeting here.

We started with the eight types of Asymmetric Collaboration  – Find Prof. Bengt Järrehults full presentation here. And Bengts how to select partners, deepen your engagement with startups and a summary on how to make asymmetric collaborations deliver on innovation here.

After that we used the BioVentureHub in Mölndal as one example of how to do this.
Find CEO Magnus BJörsnes presentation here.

The Bio Hub is AstraZeneca’s contribution to a more dynamic and competitive life science ecosystem in Scandinavia. A new business model of adding value & reducing risks. Our discussion started here and expanded into the participants industries.t the Mölndal site Astra Zeneca opens up their offices, laboratory space and facilities to academic groups and biotech companies that could benefit from AstraZeneca’s corporate R&D infrastructure and R&D competence. How does Astra Zeneca align high calibre academic groups to the AstraZeneca strategy, and biotech companies that could gain competitive advantage by tapping into their expertise.

AstraZenecas BioVentureHub lead by CEO Magnus Björsne is a new business model for the life science industry as it adds value by allowing companies and academic groups within the BioVentureHub to operate at a lower cost base, by utilizing the AstraZeneca capabilities, know-how and infrastructure.

There is a huge value base within pharma and the BioVentureHub introduces novel mechanisms for its utilisation. The BioVentureHub business model enables true win-win constructions for all parties involved: the company/academic group, its investors and AstraZeneca.



Magnus Björsne
Bengt Järrehult
Annika Rutgersson
Matti Ahlqvist
Mats Sundgren
Sanja Beyowich
Leif Schweitz

Innovation Pioneers Report on our 35th Tankmeeting #3-2016 Exponential Thinking Workshop

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Important - Click read more for all details.

Go from exploration to prototype in just a few hours

6/9 Initiators
Shiptour :13:45-15:00
Initiator board meeting 16-19

7/9 Initiators and Active members
Hosted by Stena





Initiator Meeting at Stena

Initiators on 6/9, Preparations of 2017 agenda

Shiptour : 13:45-15:00

Initiator board meeting 16-19


Exponential Thinking Workshop

In our 35th Tank Meeting we explored the theory and practice around prototyping and exponential thinking without making it complex.  How to go from exploration of a topic to prototyping it in just a few hours.

Innovation Pioneers and Stenas focus in this tank meeting was to understand why striving for  exponential thinking 10X  is not ten times harder, but maybe 1024 times more worth it. Learn why incremental and linear is not safe at all, and how exponential thinking is the best way to mitigate risk.

Normally we think in linear steps but the world is changing exponentially. What if your steps instead of being 1, 2, 3, 4, 5..10 would be 1, 2, 4, 8, 16…1024.

We explored the theory around exponential thinking and why it is important for your company. Participants had the opportunity to practically test the theory in a workshop.

Active members signed up with 1 person from each organization.

Documentation and Reports

Innovation Pioneers gathered findings and report.

Stenas morning presentation:
Innovation pioneers goes 10X with the help of Stena

Stena in Brief

10XLabs Material from the workshop:

Partner content from Innovation Leader:
See details of partnership and offer here.






Book early

Hotel Riverton, 031 750 10 40.

Contact Innovation Pioneers for a discount code.



Niclas Ingeström
Annika Elfström
Tobias Tolf

Innovation Pioneers Report on our 34th Tankmeeting Lean discovery – From product to service.

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Explore new collaborative creative methods focusing on people and service experiences combined ...

Lean discovery - From product to service

Presented by Innovation Pioneers hosted by Veryday

Explore new collaborative creative methods focusing on people, service experiences combined with product offerings.


We are in the middle of a transformation that enables new habits and behaviors. The late 90’s IT-boom outlined how the Internet would revolutionize our lives e.g. with on-line booking and net shopping, as well social media took its first stumbling steps. The real change came to take longer than expected and with the introduction of iPhone in 2007 the real transformation started.

Today relations with consumers are taking place in many different touch points and channels. Physical, from person to person and digital. Products are one important part of building relationships and loyalty with customers. To win in the market place products must be interacting with smart service solutions to become profitable and meaningful in peoples everyday life.


The challenge for many corporations today is to create a coherent experience for people, customers and employees built on products combined with relevant services.

How is it possible to rapidly build digital service solutions in parallel with physical products?

This was done through the experiences of our network and a joint workshop. The participants got insights in what can be done in their own organization.

Aim of workshop was to

  • Understand Lean Discovery as a method approach
  • Learn more about collaborative methods and experience prototyping methods
  • Understand the power of early prototyping and how that enables rapid market entry.

Workshop – In the workshop we worked with how we rapidly can create a product combined with relevant services. Using prototyping as one method. Within 3 hours, we created and sprint prototyped integrated product and service solutions.

Reports from the day

While discussing the outcomes we received a typical question that many organizations ask themselves when assessing whether to do a sprint or not involving customers in an early phase.

“What of the risk of breaching confidentiality when inviting external parties at an early stage?” The answer to this was that it is a typical way of thinking which locks the organization in an inside and out mindset instead of having the customers POV. There are ways of identifying customer needs anonymously during the process. Ask yourselves, what you may gain from having the customers perspective and what are the risks of not doing it.

Innovation Pioneers Report Takeaways TM34 Lean Discovery

Updated article, August 23. Below you find an article written by Neda Nordin where one take away is that collaborative prototyping can be magical in how it engages a team.
Read more: Innovation Pioneers 34 article on Lean Discovery by Neda Nordin

The process and methodology of a sprint: Sprint-methodology-Innovation Pioneers

Verydays presentation and comments found here:
Summary Lean Innovation workshop written by Veryday.

Now is the time to check out Innovation in Action 8-9/11. Register your participation here!

Some more take aways gathered during the day shown below:

How the results of sprints may look:

Participant comments:

“Thank you for a totally fantastic workshop day! Immensely inspiring, great insights and important business networking!”

Workshop leaders

Ulrika Ewerman
Ulrika Vejbrink
August Michael
Gabriel Åberg

Innovation Pioneers Report: on our 33rd Tankmeeting Idea management for the customers benefit. Do´s and Don’ts!

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In our 33rd Tank Meeting we explored how to engage large numbers of people in a creative idea process without making it too complex.   

“Increased competition demands increased innovation capabilities. That is why more brains that think in new ways are needed. Those who surprise and dare to stretch limits. Those who wish to contribute to their organisations success. During the meeting it was interesting to find that so many actively work with idea management in some form but that so many at the same time wish to share thoughts and are curious on how others do. This is a sign that it is a complex area. The meeting had high energy and a creative, hands on sharing mindset as always.”

// Pia Wågberg, Workshop leader Innventia

“We see that more organisations realize the importance of being able to handle ideas in a structured way as a part of their innovation efforts.

There are different strategies for how you can handle ideas. As an example you can invest in idea management software or do workshops on the topic. There are also various strategies for how to follow up on gathered ideas.

This workshop adressed how to engage a large number of people in a creative process without making it too complex. Also how to motivate your coworkers and elevate motivation.

The aim for the participants were to get a picture on how to engage their coworkers in their idea generation efforts. This was done through the experiences of our network, research and a joint workshop. The participants also got insights on what can be done in their own organization.

We were able to see how organizations find it more and more complex when they move further in the ideation process towards the commercialization. Ideas are abundant but how do we take them to market is of utter importance. This will be something we will address during the rest of the year and specifically at Innovation in Action 8-9/11.”

By the way, half of the registered participants at the meeting were women!

// Kim Silvasti, Innovation Pioneers

“Many organizations experiment today with new practices in idea management. A forum

like this think tank gave an excellent opportunity to share success stories and to

together tackle and find solutions to the challenges firms encounter when trying to

proactively work with ideas and the creativity of the whole organization, or even

beyond. My main take away from this very open, collaborative and enthusiastic network

is that while we have come a great distance compared to a few years ago, there is still

many new ideas about idea management and that we will see many new practices that

will help organizations to fruitfully nurture and open up for the creativity of all

employees in the quest to find, create, develop and launch new innovations.”

// Jennie Björk Ph.D. Associate professor, KTH

Innovation Pioneers Report – TakeAways – TM33 – 2016 Idea Management

Innovation Pioneers – Idea Management – A Summary

Innovation Pioneers – Idea Management – The Individuals Perspective

Innovation Pioneers – Idea Management – The Organizations Perspective

Innovation Pioneers – Idea Management – The Societys Perspective




Workshop Lead by

Workshop Leaders

Pia Wågberg
Jennie Björk

IP Report: Our 32nd Tankmeeting #4-2015 Culture beats strategy

Presented by Innovation Pioneers hosted by Husqvarna. Our 32nd Tank Meeting was a spin off from the popular tank meeting at Volvo Cars  that explored what makes an innovation project successful. During this tank meeting…

Huskvarna, Sverige
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