IP Report: Our 32nd Tankmeeting #4-2015 Culture beats strategy

Presented by Innovation Pioneers hosted by Husqvarna.

Our 32nd Tank Meeting was a spin off from the popular tank meeting at Volvo Cars  that explored what makes an innovation project successful. During this tank meeting we went from the what to the how. How can you create a successful innovative culture?  We saw and listened to practical examples from the network members before we started a workshop on the factors for success.

This briefing paper includes key takeaways from the Innovation Pioneers tank meeting # 4, 2015 on culture beats strategy, hosted by Husqvarna in Huskvarna.

Day 1 of the meeting included an optional field trip for the initiators to the Husqvarna factory.

Day 2, With the intent for all participants to fully understand the innovative culture that has been built during 325+ years at Husqvarna we visited the Husqvarna museum. After the tour Husqvarna facilitated the workshop with 50 representatives from the iP initiating team and corporate members.

Our aim was to explore and understand some critical practices from reality and to present what the keys to an innovative culture might be. This was done through dialogues and a workshop where we together pointed out what factors for success have been and how obstacles were handled in a few specific projects.

From the mutual findings  in the report you will be able to get takeaways to bring back to your own organization for future implementation.

Innovation Pioneers: Report & Take Aways TM4 2015 Husqvarna

Husqvarna: Culture beats strategy presentation Workshop summary Culture beats strategy

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Selection of our Initiators & Members