Innovation Pioneers Summit 2023 – “Omställningen”

Innovation Pioneers Summit 2023 – “Omställningen” will take place on January 24th – 26th. Meet and connect with over 200+ innovation professionals and thought leaders at Skogshem & Wijk in Lidingö (Stockholm). 

This year our focus will be on ‘Omställningen’ – how we as organisations, societies and individuals can better understand, navigate and innovate in times of change. Together.

The summit will start with an evening of networking and mind-opening activities on the late afternoon / early evening of Tuesday January 24th, and then be followed by two full days of innovation workshops, keynotes and activities on Wednesday January 25th and Thursday January 26th.

As always, Innovation Pioneers Summit is put together in collaboration with our initiators member companies and focused on real-life, hands-on learnings from innovation practitioners and leaders.



Welcome to the post-pandemic world. Where old rules are outlived and common truths need to be reevaluated. Climate change, technological advances, changes in human behaviour, hybrid work models and growing political tension across the globe. We as individuals, organisations and societies are in need of a transformation. Or something more than that. A restart. An “omställning”?

This year’s Innovation Pioneers Summit is dedicated to ‘Omställningen’ – to the changes and chaos around us and how we can navigate to create value – for ourselves and the planet as a whole.


Action-oriented learning

Innovation Pioneers Summit is a learning platform for innovation leaders and learners to develop and share methods, processes, tools and insights together. Key learnings from the summit will be documented and shared with all participants and members, so that they can be reused and taken into action within your own organization.

During the summit each attendee will take part in three out of six summit-tailored workshops hosted by our member companies: Tetra Pak, Ericsson ONE, RISE, Ideon Open, CGI and Lantmännen, and IKEA. More details on each workshop can be found below.

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Selection of our Initiators & Members