Innovation Pioneers Summit

Changing the way we collaborate - a partnership between Innovation Pioneers & The Swedish Institute November 10-11th 2020

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Innovation Pioneers Summit – Changing the way we collaborate – a partnership between Innovation Pioneers & The Swedish Institute


DATE: November 10-11th 2020

TIME: 10 Nov 13.00-17.30,  11 Nov 08.30-12.30 (Central European Time UTC+01:00)

Register to our highlight event of the year  – NOW OPEN also for participants outside of our network.

The event is free, but you need to be register and be approved as a participant.


The world needs to change at a more rapid pace than ever before. This is the time to join forces and collaborate to help shape the new normal through sustainable innovation. Innovation Pioneers and The Swedish Institute are proud to present the two-half day digital event ”Innovation Pioneers Summit 2020 – Changing the way we collaborate”.

Listen and learn from leading innovation leaders from Sweden, South Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore through a series of learning sessions and innovation classes. Get exclusive insights from real innovation projects that have been executed with a collaborative approach with the goal of including as many perspectives as possible in new ways to reach greater results.

Innovation Pioneers and our network of 50+ top innovative organizations from the Swedish innovation ecosystem will open up our learning platform for the first time to share our members’ own journeys, learnings and failures. All in an attempt to contribute to more sustainable innovation and real impact in uncertain times.


On 10–11 November 2020,  Innovation Pioneers and the Swedish Institute will conduct IP Summit 2020 – changing the way we collaborate. It’s a meeting place for international and Swedish innovation leaders who during a two-half day event will learn from each other and exchange experiences.


IP Summit 2020 – changing the way we collaborate consists of two half days on 10–11 November that will be conducted digtal. The aim is to develop the Swedish innovation ecosystem, this year together with international contacts, by exchanging learnings and experiences with innovation ecosystems in some of the world’s most innovative countries. With this in mind, we have selected three countries in Asia where we see particular potential for promoting the exchange of innovation leadership: Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam.

We want to contribute to the urgent need of developing the new normal and support the Swedish & Global Innovation Ecosystem to be able to learn and take actions through collaboration.

So instead of having a closed members only event this year, we open up our network and our members vast experience and knowledge to be shared with a global audience of innovation leaders.

Programme content:

Innovation Pioneer’s member companies/organisations as well as specially selected actors in the Swedish innovation ecosystem will share projects, challenges and learnings and give opportunity for participants to ask direct questions and contribute to the projects live.

All shared projects at the event will be linked to the 17 Global Goals to ensure a sustainable and inclusive perspective.

Presentation formats during the event:

– Learning session  (15 min.)

– Learning talk (15 min)

– Innovation class (40 min.)

– Brain breaks (5-10 min.)

Visit to see full program

If you want to contribute to the event with content, technology or just tip about great speakers, or if you want to know more about our memberships, please let us know.

Thank you for your support and for contributing to our collective intelligence!

If you have any questions, please contact: Susanne Fuglsang,, +46 70 738 99 97

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