Tank Meeting nr 44 at SKF – Revolutionizing industrial manufacturing by AI

  04 Dec, 2018

Initiators Onlyy –  Initiator board meeting.

Venue: SKF office at Hornsgatan 1, Gothenburg.

New venue adress which is close to the above is: Von Utfallsgatan 2

Time: Board meeting 16.00 – 18.30, dinner hosted by Innovation Pioneers 19.00-22.00

  05 Dec, 2018

Initiators and active members  – Workshop day – Tank meeting

Venue: SKF office at Hornsgatan 1, Gothenburg

New venue adress which is close to the above is: Von Utfallsgatan 2

Time: 09.00-16.30

We will spend a full day taking a journey from classical manufacturing into world class manufacturing.

Have you ever wondered how current manufacturing looks like in a leading industrial corporation? What are the main challenges? Which new enabling technologies are emerging and how can AI be used in the transition from classical to world class manufacturing? Or maybe you wonder what is meant by “world class”. Then take this journey with us!


  • The day will start with an introduction of traditional manufacturing processes and technologies, and the current challenges therein.
  • The introduction will be followed up by a visit to one of SKF’s world class factories in Gothenburg where you will see how a factory with a minimal amount of operators looks like. Don’t be scared by the self-driving trucks – they are used to visitors.
  • After this visit we take a leap directly into the future where we will co-create the future of manufacturing in an interactive workshop with all participants and some of the most prominent SKF experts from the field.

The main question will be:

Where, and how, can AI be used to boost traditional manufacturing into world class?

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