Tank Meeting nr 42 at Veryday – Inclusive prototyping – Limited spots

In the tank meeting the participants will prototype the future products and services with the lens of inclusiveness. We will use tools like VR/AR and IOT to get the immersive experience of different users. Imagine you can view your product form a child’s perspective, design a space for wheel chair users or designing machines for color blindness.

We will spend a full day co-creating and evaluating solutions from paper to full immersive environments to put ourselves in the user’s shoes. The technology we have at hand will help us exercising empathy and deepen insights of the user. You will meet our multi-disciplinary designers sharing their methods and tools with hands-on guidance.

Join us for a day of rapid prototyping the future product and service development!

Ellen Sundh and Adam Wittsell – Veryday

Susanne Fuglsang – Innovation Pioneers

  15 May, 2018

Initiators Only –  Initiator board meeting

Agenda will be sent to all attending participants.

Venue: Veryday HQ, Missionsvägen 24, Bromma

Time: Board meeting 16.00-19.15, Dinner at the HQ 19.30 – 22.00

  16 May, 2018

Initiators and active members  – Workshop day – Tank meeting

9:00 Check-in, Intro & background
Definition of inclusive design
Meet the users (rapid ethnography)
Set the scene of opportunity area
9:45 Fika
10:00 Prototyping
Intro to prototyping methods & tech
Body storming
Teams prototyping with VR/Little Bits
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Energizer
12:45 Prototyping continues
Teams prototyping with VR/Little Bits
14:45 Fika
15:00 Prototyping share out
16:00-16:30 Check out

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Selection of our Initiators & Members