Blockchain, Scenario Planning, Story Telling & Government Agencies Taking the Lead on Innovation

During 2017 Innovation Pioneers has so far gathered experiences & knowledge during two tank meetings. Find the collected insights on Blockchain and Scenario Planning below.

In March CGI helped us build awareness by experiencing the power of industry disruption by using the Block Chain. The aim of the tank meeting was to explore different perspectives of Blockchain through role-play and scenario acceleration. We focused on the Blockchain revolution which is on its way, and we wanted the participants to experience this as we invited some organizations to this journey. One conclusion all participants agreed upon was that blockchain will affect you and your business. Read about the gathered learnings here.

The month of May brought us to Googol that invited Innovation Pioneers to join them in a dialogue where we explored and experienced different methods on how to create and plan for future scenarios. Throughout the day, the participants were divided into smaller groups to share insights, thoughts and experiences.  Read about the five different methods on how to create plausible future scenarios here.


In september Alfa Laval invites the participants to hear about how effective storytelling captures the hearts and minds of a target audience. It makes your innovations stand out above the rest.

During this workshop day we will be taken on a historical trip from 1883 where Alfa Laval has its roots to where they are today and into the future. Read more here.


Our 40th Tank Meeting and the last one for 2017 is a collaboration between Arbetsförmedlingen and Myndigheten för Delaktighet. Participants will learn about the strategies and tools that when government agencies are taking the lead on innovation in society. And the challenges that public sector and society are facing. Read more here.


Join us for the second half of 2017 and into 2018 by attending Innovation in Action on 24-25/10. This is the opportunity to meet all our member organizations for both members and nonmembers.  See the invitation here.

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