Our 40th Tankmeeting #4-2017 – How Government Agencies are Taking the Lead on Innovative Recruitment

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In 2016 Arbetsförmedlingen started to work with innovation as a tool to meet the current and upcoming challenges of Sweden. The work has been unorthodox for an Government agency in working with theatre, hackathons with Spotify, open data, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and building an innovation culture.

Try to anwer this question for yourself: “What is innovative recruitment to you?”


Competence can be found in different places and look different from what we expect. The purpose of the tank meeting at Arbetsförmedlingen was to provide a new, wider perspective on the concept of competence by searching for competence in places where you normally wouldn’t look. Furthermore, the goal was to explore and experience how we can find the right competence to our organizations by discovering different possibilities and ways of recruitment. We must dare to think in new, innovative ways and take on someone else’s shoes.


“We all have strengths, it is time that we start to focus on them”

“Dragons Den, a good tool for testing innovative ideas, could be a part of the innovation process for pitching new ideas”

“I’m going to take this back to my company, how we can fix recruitment issues together”


The report from the tank meeting can be found here!


Arbetsförmedlingen and Myndigheten för Delaktighet comment on the day: 

How can companies and organisations work with innovative recruitment in order to find talents, competence and contribute to a social sustainable development for the organisation and society at the same time?

Not taking advantage of peoples skills is a waste economically as well as social. Skills, soft and hard, can be found where organisations doesn’t normally look. Working pervasively with diversity and sustainable development can strengthen the organisation and attract talented people.

During the tankmeeting, the participants role-played as jobseekers, statistically classified as persons having a weak position on the labour market. The challenge was to make the employers see other skills than the stated labels of “disadvantages”.

Arbetsförmedlingen gave a couple of inspirational talks on how companies have worked with a new perspective and seen the benefits of recruiting persons with disabilities, youths, and newly arrived in Sweden.

The participants were also given a task to solve: how to innovatively recruit a large number of employees in a short period of time, on the Swedish labour market. The Swedish labour market is currently characterised by a historical large mismatch; with a strong economy for many companies and at the same time a lot of people unemployed, and lacking the formal competence sought by employers.

The results were presented for a Dragons Den jury consisting of Arbetsförmedlingen, Myndigheten för delaktighet and the One Wish-award winning company in 2017, Just Arrived. The Dragons Den workshop concept is a tool were individuals and teams pitch ideas to a jury of top management. The concept have been used by some of the participating organisations at the tankmeeting. Pros and cons of using Dragons Den were discussed.

The participants seemed to have a rewarding day, with new perspectives, exchanging ideas and making new connections – as well in theory as in practice. The organisations in the winning team in the Dragons Den workshop will get their prize in 2018; an offer from Arbetsförmedlingen and Myndigheten för delaktighet to come and help the organisations individually with planning their strategy for innovative recruitment. The winners were:

  • Svenska Mässans Stiftelse
  • CGI
  • Veryday
  • SOS Alarm
  • Migrationsverket
  • Myndigheten för delaktighet

The tankmeeting gave great input to Arbetsförmedlingen’s and Myndigheten för delaktighet´s planned work for 2018!

Thank you all for contributing and making tankmeeting #40 a day of insights, learning and fun! Looking forward to seeing you in 2018!


In the Tank meeting the participants will learn about the strategies and tools that Arbetsförmedlingen in cooperation with other government agencies are working with, and the challenges that public sector and society are facing.

The participants will contribute to and learn about how Arbetsförmedlingen, companies and society can innovate for a social sustainable development of recruitment. The workshop will be conducted by the innovation team at Arbetsförmedlingen and Myndigheten för Delaktighet.

One of our firm beliefs and core values is that innovation is driven by diversity. We aim to have a balance of gender, origin and various industries and organisational forms represented at our meetings.

Myndigheten för Delaktighet

  05 Dec, 2017 - 16-19

Initiators Only –  Initiator board meeting.

Initiator – Be sure to join us!

Time: 16-19

Address: Hälsingegatan 38 Stockholm

Agenda: New Chairperson to be announced

Agenda 2018 to be finalized

1930-2130 (approx) Dinner

  06 Dec, 2017 - 08:30-16:15

Initiators and active members  – Workshop day – Tank meeting

Address: Hälsingegatan 45, Stockholm

08:30 Coffee

08:55 Start of Day!

1145 Lunch

16:15 End of Day

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Elite Palace Hotel or First Hotel Norrtull

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