Connectivity, Radical Innovation Projects, Complexity for the benefit of Innovation and Innovation Culture

During 2015 Innovation Pioneers met in four tank meetings with the intention to share knowledge and insights on various topics that are important for our members.

In march SKF invited Innovation Pioneers to join them in a presentation of their journey from bricks-and-mortar to high tech Connectivity opportunities. Where they have once implemented technologies to achieve cost saving, process enhancing and efficiency seeking changes, they now see business opportunities arising.
The presentation and field visit to the SKF factory visualized how they have brought smart devices with production and maintenance apps into their factories to enable a better, faster and more accurate collection of data and ensure a collaborative and efficient way of working. Read about the outcome here.

The month of may brought us to Volvo Cars that invited Innovation Pioneers to join them in a dialogue on identifying the key factors for successful radical innovation practices. Using project cases, gathered from our corporate members, we followed the innovation process from demand, research, development to commercialization. Read about the outcome here.

In september Googol invited Innovation Pioneers on a workshop covering the “complex” topic of complexity vs. simplicity, well knowing that these two expressions are not really antonyms to each other. In business life it has been calculated that complexity has increased 6 times in the last 50 years. In the same time “complicatedness” has increased with 36 times. The latter somewhat unknown expression means that we have instituted measures to handle and control complexity that has created problems that are more severe to our business ability than the complexity itself. Is this Complexity Management as we would like to have it? Probably not. Hence this tank meeting was called upon. Read about the outcome here.

Our 32nd Tank Meeting and the last one for 2015 at Husqvarna was a spin off from the popular tank meeting at Volvo Cars  that explored what makes an innovation project successful. During this tank meeting we went from the what to the how. How can you create a successful innovative culture?  We saw and listened to practical examples from the network members before we started a workshop on the factors for success. Read about the outcome here.


Join us during 2016. We start the year with the topic Idea Management. In our 33rd Tank Meeting we will be exploring how to engage large numbers of persons in a creative idea process without making it too complex. See the invitation here.



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