Welcome Susanne Fuglsang – our new COO

As told before we have some exciting news for 2018, now we can finally share the great news that Susanne Fuglsang will be working as our new COO.

Susanne Fuglsang is a Innovation Catalyst and Executive Producer. She has extensive experience in strategy and production of interdisciplinary co-creation processes like Hackathons, Design Sprints and Innovation Events. As a true change maker she is constantly on the move to create and inspire change through open innovation projects by co-creation between tech, science, research, academia, companies and nonprofits.

In parallel with transforming people to intrapreneurs or entrepreneurs she is a well known contributor in the maker, tech & startup communities with a special passion to inspire and empower women in all ages to educate themselves and engage in tech.

– I have been a participant of Innovation Pioneers yearly meetingplace “Innovation in Action” for several years and admire the high quality of content and useful learnings and sharing activities. As an advocate of diversity, collaboration and innovation the role as COO for Innovation Pioneers is a perfect match for me.

-To be able to work alongside all initiator companies, members and partners to continue and develop the 10 year old trailblazing path is amazing. The need for knowledge sharing and training of innovation capabilities has never been higher so my hope is that we together can continue to contribute to that in a great way.

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