SI and international delegation to attend Innovation Pioneers Summit

At this year’s Innovation Pioneers Summit, we are happy to welcome The Swedish Institute (Svenska Institutet) and a delegation of international innovation leaders from around the globe.

Innovation Pioneers Summit is a two-day action-oriented conference bringing together more than 200 innovation leaders. To this year’s event, the Swedish Institute has invited a delegation of twenty international innovation experts from Europe, North America, Africa and Asia to attend the conference to learn about and connect with the Swedish innovation space.

– At the Swedish Institute, my role is to identify networking opportunities between foreign and Swedish innovation leaders. This fall, we are bringing experts from around the world to Stockholm to showcase Swedish innovation capabilities. We are looking to help them make valuable business connections and also to promote trade between the countries. Innovation Pioneers Summit will be the perfect platform for this, explains Ziba Zareie, Programme Manager at Swedish Institute.

The international delegation consists of two main groups. Half the group comes from the Balkans (Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Albania) and are looking to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in their own regions and learn more about the Swedish innovation ecosystem.

The other part of the group are from Japan, USA, Egypt and the UK, looking to establish new business connections with Sweden. The participants either run some sort of incubator or hub today, focus on academia within the innovation space, or conduct innovation projects connected to the The Global Goals.

– Our ambitions is for our international guests to leave the summit fueled with new knowledge and input that they can bring back to their own regions and use in real projects. At the same time, I’m sure there will also be a lot of interesting networking opportunities, says Ziba Zareie.

Innovation Pioneers and the whole team involved in working with Innovation Pioneers Summit would like to give a very warm welcome to the international delegation! This year’s summit will take place on October 23 – 24 in Stockholm.

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