Tank Meeting nr 50 – at Gather Festival, Stockholm

We always strive to create new learnings and perspectives to build innovation capabilities through collaborations and partnerships for our Innovation Pioneers members.

This year we have been invited to collaborate with the Gather Festival team. During two days you will meet fellow IP members and break your thinking patterns to open innovation processes through a mix of inspiring talks and labs.

Join an interdisciplinary crowd of future thinkers and creative minds and collaborate on new ideas.


This is GatherĀ 
Gather is a multidisciplinary conference and festival that combines current social issues, future challenges, new solutions and actors from a variety of professions through 6 different themes. Participate in the solution quest together with our partners in the Gather Labs, take part in this year’s thematic experiences, listen to the speakers’ expertise, immerse yourself in the topic of a Masterclass and take part in Gather Weekender artists and dining experiences in the food market. This year’s themes are Humans & Machines / Media, Creativity & Culture / Cities, Society & Nature / Business & Leadership / Democracy & Power and the food concept Gather Green.
Who is Gather for?
Gather is the meeting place for businesses, the public sector, research and academy, start ups, non-profit organizations, cultural life and city residents. We believe that shared knowledge, experience, curiosity and new synergies create solutions for the challenges of the future.

This event is not for free since we collaborate with the Gather Festival and the content is created and curated mainly by them. Innovation Pioneers members will be able to gather for a joint breakfast and attend a unique dinner for a special fee.

Information about a special promo code will be sent out to you separately after registration.

You can read more about Gather Festival here: gatherfestival.com

Selection of our Initiators & Members