Innovation Pioneers Report: on our 33rd Tankmeeting Idea management for the customers benefit. Do´s and Don’ts!

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In our 33rd Tank Meeting we explored how to engage large numbers of people in a creative idea process without making it too complex.   

“Increased competition demands increased innovation capabilities. That is why more brains that think in new ways are needed. Those who surprise and dare to stretch limits. Those who wish to contribute to their organisations success. During the meeting it was interesting to find that so many actively work with idea management in some form but that so many at the same time wish to share thoughts and are curious on how others do. This is a sign that it is a complex area. The meeting had high energy and a creative, hands on sharing mindset as always.”

// Pia Wågberg, Workshop leader Innventia

“We see that more organisations realize the importance of being able to handle ideas in a structured way as a part of their innovation efforts.

There are different strategies for how you can handle ideas. As an example you can invest in idea management software or do workshops on the topic. There are also various strategies for how to follow up on gathered ideas.

This workshop adressed how to engage a large number of people in a creative process without making it too complex. Also how to motivate your coworkers and elevate motivation.

The aim for the participants were to get a picture on how to engage their coworkers in their idea generation efforts. This was done through the experiences of our network, research and a joint workshop. The participants also got insights on what can be done in their own organization.

We were able to see how organizations find it more and more complex when they move further in the ideation process towards the commercialization. Ideas are abundant but how do we take them to market is of utter importance. This will be something we will address during the rest of the year and specifically at Innovation in Action 8-9/11.”

By the way, half of the registered participants at the meeting were women!

// Kim Silvasti, Innovation Pioneers

“Many organizations experiment today with new practices in idea management. A forum

like this think tank gave an excellent opportunity to share success stories and to

together tackle and find solutions to the challenges firms encounter when trying to

proactively work with ideas and the creativity of the whole organization, or even

beyond. My main take away from this very open, collaborative and enthusiastic network

is that while we have come a great distance compared to a few years ago, there is still

many new ideas about idea management and that we will see many new practices that

will help organizations to fruitfully nurture and open up for the creativity of all

employees in the quest to find, create, develop and launch new innovations.”

// Jennie Björk Ph.D. Associate professor, KTH

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  22 - 23 Mar, 2016

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Pia Wågberg

Jennie Björk

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