Digital Initiator Meeting – 25th of May – Initiators Only

Digital session – a link from Zoom will be sent to you after registration.
Topic TBD !
Innovation Pioneers has since the start 2008 always had one main purpose, to create a trustful environment for all members to share & learn from each other. The topics and the meeting formats has been different but the goal has been the same. To keep the conversation going between all members and in some cases with a special focus on our Initiators.
Up until now our focus has been to create those conversations in a physical format, but the Corona virus changed everything. Our goal now is to keep those important conversations going online until we can meet IRL again.
But most importantly this is a joint session where you are free to share and discuss anything that you feel that you want to share with your fellow Initiator friends at Innovation Pioneers.
If you have a topic that you want to adress in a more prepared way, let us know and we will plan for it in our upcoming digital conversations.
Susanne with team

Selection of our Initiators & Members