Big Data Management

bigdatamDigital data is now everywhere; in every sector, in every economy, in every organisation and user of digital technology. While this topic might once have concerned only a few data geeks, Big Data is now relevant for leaders across every sector, and consumers of products and services stand to benefit from its application. Enterprises are collecting data with greater granularity and frequency, capturing every customer transaction, attaching more personal information, and also collecting more information about consumer behaviour in many different environments.

This data growth is challenging the capacity and scalability of traditional solutions for storing and analyzing data. New solutions, springing from the development of internet search technology and the need to analyze vast amounts of structured and unstructured data at high speed, has opened new opportunities for the use of data analytics. The increasing availability of data and analytics tools to match it is the driving force behind the increased use of data analytics in all aspects of business life.

This does however raise a question of ethics as well, just look at the public debate caused by revelations about the practices of intelligence agencies such as the NSA. What level of data collection and usage is acceptable in your eco-system? This was the first topic in our interactive workshop, presented and moderated by some of our experts in the field. A real life example of Big Data usage for Public Safety was presented as an introduction into exploring the field of ethics in Big Data. How to interact with your customers to benefit from Big Data, without ending up in turmoil like the NSA.

Our second topic was focused on how Data Analytics can lead to improved Customer Insight and how this translates into improved customer relations and increased sales. What information do you have about your customers and the business you have with them? Are there customer data in your organisation that is not known or not available to e.g. marketeers? How do you put the knowledge you have to work in your communication with customers? Examples of innovative use of data to improve customer insight and communication was presented as an introduction to discussions around the exploitation of customer data in your organisations.


Henk van Roekel, Co-leader CGI Global BI and Analytics Practice

Jonas Linders, BI lead Sweden

Troels Hansen, Director Business Development Strålfors

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