IP UK Tankmeeting 4th of Sept #2 Measurement and innovation

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hosted by Innovation Pioneers


How are we measuring innovation?

From what perspective are we measuring innovation? How are we currently measuring innovation across our firms, how is this being captured and reported? Are there other metrics we should or could be using?

This working session will bring together a diverse range of minds to share, debate, learn and hopefully define a set of innovation metrics for our organisations.

Register to book your place and join the discussion us as we examine innovation metrics.

You can read more and register here.

IP UK Tankmeeting #1 How can we collaboratively create a culture of innovation?

hosted by Innovation Pioneers, Freeformers and Abellio Greater Anglia


A half day tank event bringing together innovation professionals, frontline staff and young people for an immersive and unique learning opportunity.

The first Innovation Pioneers UK tank event will take place during London Tech Week and will be an interactive workshop with the objective of progressing innovation practices at all levels to stimulate a culture of innovation within large organisations.


10.00: Arrival & registration
10.15 – 13.30: Workshop
13.45: Close of workshop

You can read more and register here.

Innovation Pioneers UK launches in London on May 1st 2018 !

During an inspiring and creative dinner with a private chef, the core team of Initiators will gather for the first time. This Initiating Dinner signals the launch of Innovation Pioneers in the UK and will be followed by quarterly Tank Meetings and the Innovation Pioneers UK Summit in 2019.
By expanding Innovation Pioneers internationally, starting with UK in 2018, we bring more value to current and new members in both countries. It will be possible for Swedish members to attend meetings in the UK and vice versa.
Contact us for more information, a new website is under production.