Stora Enso – How to Build and Maintain Innovation strategy to Survive the Future

Stora Enso is the world’s oldest company with businesses traced back to at least 1288, i.e. more than 700 years ago. To survive the company has a proven record of transformations. Current megatrends such as digitalization imply further need for transformation. Digitalization as described by Moore’s law makes it reasonable to believe exponentially increasing transformation pace and intensity. A question is then “How to Build and Maintain an Innovation Strategy Surviving the Future?”.

Starting from our present businesses, we share with the workshop participants some practices we have implemented to improve our innovation work. Stora Enso would like to invite Innovation in Action participants to this workshop to interact, share thoughts, and insights, needed for an Innovation Strategy considering topics in terms of:

How can we move faster by elevating the organization in terms of talents and abilities to enhance collaboration and more efficient ways of working?

How we can strengthen the innovative culture to a next level where the culture itself beats the strategy?

How can we commercialize new transformative technologies faster and more efficiently?

Watch what a tree can do as preparation for the workshop.