AI and the Moral Aspects – Conny Svensson Head of Digital Transformation

Innovation Pioneers  – We have met up with Conny Svensson who is Head of Digital Transformation at CGI to discuss the upcoming workshop at Innovation in Action and hear more on his thoughts on the moral aspects of AI.

What do you think are the factors that make Artificial Intelligence have the potentials to be one of the greatest changes in humanity since we evolved from homo sapiens?

Conny –  Since Homo Sapiens emerged on the planet we have been the most intellectual advanced species on earth, this might change in a longer perspective. Even if we think we’re innovative we are still very limited in how much information we can handle and also how we think. Our brains have developed during thousands of years and our intelligence is optimised to think and solve problems in certain domains. We have some biological mind barriers that keeps us boxed and limited in our potential. An AI could theoretically break out of these boundaries and create a new form of intelligence not known to mankind before. During the workshop we will look at what consequences that could have in a society.

IP – AI is here now and can help in a variety of areas, from saving lives, to streamlining businesses, to helping every single individual with small advice. AI gives us superpowers to make better decisions and do what we ourselves are not so good at.

– What and where would be your “dream” to implement AI? What effects do you see AI could bring in that area?

Conny –  I would love to use AI to build a better model for society. Our political models and all “isms” are developed with our very limited views and limitations as humans, based on our own experiences and personal beliefs. You don’t build the best model for a society when you only have 4 years at a time to create change and “only” live for 80 years. AI can tackle much bigger problems than we humans, but this is not done in a heart beat. We will have to build and teach an AI to evolve and when we are ready, let it grow and advance itself. We’re in the phase of childbirth today, now we need to focus on the basic needs, then start to raise it with the right values to later let it flourish by itself. We’re just in the beginning of this exciting journey!

IP – In CGIs workshop at Innovation in Action we will work with the moral and ethical aspects of AI, not the technical details. We will cover  how we should relate to AI in society when it suddenly takes decisions that were previously taken by a person when the decisions can be directly life-determining or when AI can remove 50% of the jobs we have today.

– Can you give us a peak into your thoughts on when AI should not be used and when it definitely should be used with all its powers.

Conny –  In our workshop we will use role-play to discuss difficult morale dilemmas and philosophical conundrums. Today AI is a very practical tool that can help us with many things humans are not good at, but it’s effect on humans lives are still pretty limited. As we move forward 5-10 years we will start having some more hard dilemmas. I would say there is on particular area which is a big no-no for AI. It’s a matter of how mature the technology is based on the reach it will have on peoples lifes. There is an intersection point between those two that you need to stay on the right side of. In this workshop we will leave the maturity of the technology and just “imagine” that it works and then take the discussion if we should still use it and how much.

I don’t want to reveal too much but I think you will be challenged with some hard choices in our workshop on how AI can affect our future society. Will we survive the future?

IP – Thank you Conny for the peak into your thoughts on AI and your workshop at Innovation in Action 24-25/10.

See the workshop and all others here.


// Kim Silvasti, Innovation Pioneers.

Dr Bengt Järrehult on the topic Asymmetric Collaborations. Big and Small. In Swedish.

Dr Bengt Järrehult Asymmetric Collaboration. Samarbetet mellan stora och små. Långsamma och snabba. Här hittar du svaren på hur man gör.
Dr Bengt Järrehult on the topic Asymmetric Collaborations. Big and Small. In Swedish.
How do you select partners and deepen your engagement with startups?
Together with Professor Bengt Järrehult you will explore how big and small companies can collaborate to create innovation. You will also discover what different types of collaboration there are and how possibilities and potential hurdles can be met.
Find our next tank meeting and workshop here.

Our 37th Tankmeeting #1-2017 – Blockchain a digital disruptor – a revolution in how we buy services.

Initiators 14-15/3, Active Members 15/3

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This Tank Meeting introduced the CGI Digital Day Methodology, which aims at increasing awareness by experiencing the power of industry disruption.
The digital day methodology helps people get insights in an area where disruption is close in any and every industry.

The aim of the tank meeting was to explore different perspectives of Blockchain through role-play and scenario acceleration. We focused on the Blockchain revolution which is on its way, and we wanted the participants to experience this as we invited some organizations to this journey.  One conclusion all participants agreed upon was that blockchain will affect you and your business.

Learning & Insights

Find the report from the tank meeting here.

The CGI / Innovation Pioneers webinar on April 6
Report from webinar in pdf.
Play recording from webinar. 50 minutes. (You may need to download webex app to be able to listen in)

Comment during the webinar.
Q: Do we need to replace our existing processes?
A: No, do a hybrid, find the intersections with the “old way” and blockhain. Create a roadmap how to gradually implement blockchain to your process by testing and prototyping.

Web & Video
Princeton University Free Course: Intro to Crypto and crypto currencies 

Two Recommended Ted Talks

Introduction to Ethereum
Highlevel, Hashing & Merkeltrees
Understanding the Ethereum Blockchain Protocol

The Ether Review (more technical)
Unchained (more business oriented)

Examples on implemented blockchain.

Literature (mostly business oriented)
The Business Blockchain, by William Mougayar

The Blockchain Revolution, by Don Tapscott

A pdf in Swedish on the subject. Written by David Bauman, Pontus Lindblom and Claudia Olsson and released by Näringslivspolitiskt Forum here.

Swedish Government agency Lantmäteriet on blockchain as a technical solution for real estate transactions found here.

Ted Talk

Established Companies & Startup Match Making at Sveriges Innovationsriksdag 25-26 April

2017-04-25Read more »
Innovation Pioneers is proud to announce partnership with SISP & Ignite for strategic match making between established companies and startups.

 Only a few spots left for the strategic match making. Do not hesitate to sign up if Corporate Venturing is on your agenda.

Innovation Pioneers is proud to announce partnership with SISP & Ignite for strategic match making between established companies and startups.

Innovation is crucial. Establishing tighter bonds between Sweden’s vibrant startup scene and the country’s thriving, established companies is necessary to increase the pace of innovation and economic growth.

Are you an established company that wants to explore strategic benefits with startup collaborations? Do you want to boost innovation within your company at the same time? Sign up for this opportunity at Sveriges Innovationsriksdag in Norrköping & Linköping 25-26/4 via the link below, and you will be contacted shortly for an interview where Ignite & SIR17 makes sure you are given the best conditions and an agenda for strategic prebooked meetings with startups.

Sveriges Innovationsriksdag  is the largest national annual conference that brings together the core of the Swedish innovation system. It involves leading politicians, policy makers, representatives of innovative environments, universities and institutes, industry representatives and other opinion leaders.

The theme of 2017 is Digital Transformation, Corporate Venturing and Innovation Procurement. A central part of the event will be a match making between established corporations and startups. Read more here, and sign up here.

If you are one of our members and wish to participate without the matchmaking part you may register your participation here.

Sveriges innovationsriksdag is organized by the Swedish Incubators & Science Parks and is a collaboration with a range of business and interest groups, authorities and other actors in the innovation system, Innovation Pioneers being one.

The reason why a 77 year old insurance company started a separate VC Group was that they were looking at how to grow and diversify their revenue; They asked themselves, “how do we identify new products and solutions that aren’t currently contemplated within our health plan; and also to identify technologies that would help us run our business better.” Read more in our partner content from Innovation Leader here.

Below you may immerse in a report from Insead and deepen your knowledge. How do the World´s Biggest Companies Deal with the Startup Revolution. Find the report from INSEAD here.

Take Aways and Experiences of MIT and Boston with Innovation Pioneers

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Take Aways and Experiences of MIT and Boston with Innovation Pioneers

Take Aways, Articles and Reports

This event was by special invitation only and was fully booked.

Take aways and visual content of the trip to Boston Full  L a r g e  presentation with found here:


Above presentation split up in smaller parts found below:

Overview and takeaways

Day 1 at Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and MIT ILP
Presentation: day-1-at-martin-trust-center-for-mit-entrepreneurship-and-mit-ilp

Here is the Silicon Cowboys movie that was recommended by Bill Aulet as a true David vs Goliath Tech Tale.

Here you may find the article by Randall Wright of MIT ILP on
How to Get the Most From University Relationships.

Day 2 at MIT Media Lab
Presentation: day-2-at-mit-media-lab

Day 3 CIC
Presentation: day-3-cic

Partner content from InnovationLeader


See details of partnership and offer here.

Participants reports and articles

Martin Högenberg and CGI´s reflections and take aways from the trip may be found here.

Article written by Klas Bertilsson found below:





Corporate Entrepreneurship. How is it structured and what does it deliver? How do you build new ventures within large organizations? Guided by professionals we took on a journey in this subject.

We started the morning at 10 am by meeting Senior lecturer and Managing Director of Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship William Aulet who in addition to his work at MIT works with individuals and companies to become more successful through innovation-driven entrepreneurship. From single entrepreneurs trying to launch new ventures all the way up to large multi-billion dollar corporations seeking to achieve their goals through entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and innovation.

We were also be joined by Sarah Jane Maxted who is the Executive Director for the MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (MIT REAP). This hands-on initiative is designed to help regional leaders accelerate economic growth and job creation through innovation-driven entrepreneurship. This 2-year program for global regions educates, engages, and enables regional teams in the development and execution of a well-designed acceleration strategy focused on entrepreneurial activity.


At 2 pm we met with Randall Wright of MIT ILP to have a dialogue on entrepreneurship and innovation as well as get an understanding on what MIT ILP is. What it takes to engage with the ILP and what the benefits of collaborating with ILP are.

The MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) established 1948 is dedicated to creating and strengthening mutually beneficial relationship between MIT and corporations worldwide.

Mr Michael Schrage joined us to discuss the topic of “Who do you want your customers to become”.
Mr Schrage is a Research Fellow at the MIT Center for Digital Business and the department of Initiative on the Digital Economy

Together with Prof. Maria C Yang we had a dialogue on the process of Design.
Prof Yang is the Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Systems at the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering.


MIT Media Lab

MIT shared how the Media Lab is built up, their main principles and how the system with their partnership with companies and organisations is working. Why is Media Lab so attractive, what does it take to be a member and what do the partners say about their collaboration with the Lab? What are the challenges and what is important to organize for in order to benefit from the partnership? These are questions we will be able to address to the representatives for the Lab. We will also be able to see some of the interesting work which takes place in the many multidisciplinary research teams at the Lab.

At the lab we were presented with the below agenda:

1. Welcome & Overview MIT Media Lab by Ryan McCarthy
2. Tour of the Media Lab & discussion of research in the various groups
3. Discussion of engagement options with MIT Media Lab
3. Lunch and follow up discussion in group

MIT Media Lab at a Glance

Quorius on the Media Lab. Read their FAQ.


Arranged by Innovation Pioneers at:
Legal Sea Foods Long Wharf

Long Wharf


Visit to CIC Boston and Post Meeting Discussions in the afternoon


Meeting with Managing Director Stas Gayshan and visit to CIC Boston. We engaged in a dialogue on entrepreneurship, collaborative models and how large and small organizations meet.

Joint dialogue on what the benefits and key take aways of a University collaboration can be.

Location and address CIC Boston

End of afternoon session was at 4.30pm

Our Sharing Methods Workshops

Innovation in Action 3-4/11 Our Sharing Methods workshops in the morning of the 4th of November will be lead by The Absolut Company, Veryday, SUP46 and SP.

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