Futebol dá força received the One Wish Award at Innovation in Action

Based on exceptional ideas and outstanding action, Futebol dá força has been awarded the Innovation In Action One Wish Award 2015!!


The prize is awarded by the network Innovation Pioneers, that handed over the prize to our founder Cecilia yesterday at a dinner with 200 people working with and in innovation. The prize entitles us to one wish granted by the network, and this is what Cecilia asked for: “Our goal is world domination. For us to reach world domination, we need resources to be able to continue doing what we are doing. Therefore we also run a for-profit company that works with shaping change at companies, which at the same time generate an income for our non-profit, enabling more change. Today our for-profit accounts for 30% of our non-profit program’s budget. Our goal is for this to be 100%. Therefore we would like to use the Innovation Pioneers network’s time and brains to see how we can develop our business model creating more for-profit for our non-profit, making us more sustainable and independent.” The wish was granted, and we’re very excited to be working with Innovation Pioneers!


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